Any flat tyre caused by a puncture should be looked at and dealt with as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage to the tyre or wheel rim.

Driving for even a few hundred metres on a flat tyre can damage the tyre further and also affect the car wheel. If you are struggling to get your wheel off the car then getting 24/7 tyres to carry provide roadside assistance could get you back on your journey quicker than anticipated.

Roadside tyre replacement can be a difficult process if you are not sure what you are doing or the wheels haven’t been taken off for a while.

Please be aware that tyres subject to the following kinds of damage are not repairable:

– Visible or deformed bead wire

– Rubber or tread separations

– Deterioration of the tyre caused by grease or corrosive fluid

– Marking of the interior rubber caused by overheating due to under inflation

– Damage larger than regulations will allow